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The flow of time

Our brewery building is part of the so-called Spalek project from the beginning of the 20th century. During its reconstruction, we had a chance to discover more than a hundred years of history full of many stories.


Laying of the foundation stone of the original power plant

The brewery in Pilsen started to have problems with power supplies at the beginning of the 20th century. The Chief Engineer of the brewery, František Spalek, came up with an ambitious project known as Spalka’s project. The project was supposed to ensure self-reliance of the brewery and included our power plant, serving at that time as a generator.


Power plant put into operation

The power plant started producing electricity in 1907. Thanks originally to steam engines, later to a turbine driven by steam from coal boilers. The plant supplied power to the neighbouring brewery, as well as to the city for public lighting.


Bombing of the power plant during WW2

On 17 April 1945, at the very end of the war, our plant was heavily damaged in an Allied air raid of the over Pilsen. It took more than six months to repair the plant and put it back into operation. Then it served for several decades more.


Electricity production stopped

The production of electricity for the brewery was gradually replaced by power from the public grid. After removing the steam turbine, the hall of the former engine room served as a gas boiler house supplying steam for brewhouses of the brewery in Pilsen. But it did not produce electric power.


Establishment of the Proud Brewery and reconstruction of the building

The former power plant changes into a brewery. We launched an extensive reconstruction of the building with the aim to start brewing beer as soon as possible, and to return the plant its bygone glory.


Opening of the brewery and our vision for the future

The reconstruction is far from finished. Once finished and the brewery technology has all been installed, we plan to improve the exterior and the surroundings of the power plant. The visualisation of the Mimosa architects’ studio shows the future look of the plant after its general reconstruction.