To enjoy Proud and everything about it, you need to be over 18.

When were you born?

Our current location

Our Proud was established at the confluence of two rivers

We are Proud

And we’re also a new experimental mini-brewery from Pilsen. We like brewing interesting beers with character, and we never shy away from trying new things. We base it all on our knowledge in combination with state-of-the-art technologies.

Why Proud?

Our experimental brewery is located in Pilsen in a former power plant at the confluence of two rivers, the Mže and Radbuza. We connected the strength of river currents and the energy of electric current and our name was born. Hence Proud. We place emphasis on quality, experimenting and cooperating. We brew beers we enjoy, and we believe you will like them, too.

Current (in czech Proud) as in:

Proud jako Voda


Water is the beginning of life and the beginning of all our batches. It awakens the taste of malt, the aroma of hops, and if God so wishes, it will become a good beer one day. Then, it flows through the country like a river and spreads our glory.

Proud jako Energie


The building where the brewery resides for years produced electricity. And when in time it fell silent, fresh energy from enthusiastic people and their cooperation gave the place a new meaning. That’s how Proud was created.

Proud jako Hrdost


We search for interesting beer trends all over the world, and we add a pinch of fantasy at home. That’s why the ambigram in our logo reads the same in both hemispheres. And if you like the beer, we are Proud.